Leader Suupohja LAG from Western Finland is interested in international cooperation projects to learn new things, gain new experiences, exchange ideas and share local customs both digitally and traditionally.

With our group's project “Binoculars On Internationality” we are looking for partners from all around the Europe. We are particularly interested in collaborative projects aimed at the following groups.

YOUTH Youth councils, 4H- Clubs and other youth groups.

Project Ideas:

International youth media projects. Inviting young people to a variety of international digital activities. At the end, a common traditional meeting, a joint game event, etc.

The digital world and the practical world. Young people teach the elderly the secrets of the digital world, and the elderly in turn teach young people practical skills such as how to make bath whisks, weaving, cooking etc.

Story workshop. Sharing stories, collecting modern-day legends and memories from both young and the elderly to create a new era creation in the form of poetry, a digital book, a rap song or a comic book written in slang. It is also possible to carry out a video project, a movie, a play etc. on the basis of those stories. This project collects and shares cultural heritage and activates cooperation between the young and the elderly.

Young people and entrepreneurship. Developing young entrepreneurship at local and international levels. What kind of opportunities there are for collaboration and what can we learn from each other? Various seminars, workshops, cooperation with business associations, etc.

Hobbies and sports. Finding friendship clubs, exchanging experiences, common events, coaching, etc.

Towns and Communities

Project ideas:

Villages of memories. Cooperative project between young people and the elderly. (Story workshop)

Digital innovations in villages, smart villages - High speed internet allows opportunities for digital collaborative events such as sports days, singing, workshops, etc. Village events, both old and new common events such as sports day, folk dance lessons, singing, cooking local food and others workshops could be organized through smart digital solutions and meetings in real life.

Smart energy solutions. Green energy, renewable energy, village energy solutions. Exchange of experiences and workshops.

Green Care Therapy. What alternative therapy solutions communities and village societies can offer to local residents as well as tourists. Exchanging experiences, organizing common events ect.

Associations and NGO;s

Project ideas:

Sharing Cultural Heritage. Culture and tradition. Craftsmen (smiths, ceramists, carpenters, etc.), choirs, hobby theaters (summer theaters) and drama clubs, folk dance, saunas and sauna traditions, natural food and medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries. Various workshops, fair visits, organizing common events etc.

Geoparks. In our area there are two national parks, the National Park of Lauhanvuori and the National Park of Kauhaneva-Pohjakangas. Both protected areas are linked to the UNESCO Geopark project. In 2018 the UNESCO Global Geopark status application was launched. Geoparks have three main objectives: nature conservation, nature education and geotourism. We are interested in other geoparks and natural attractions and would be interested in visitations, study trips and sharing our experiences in order to learn new things.

Cooperation between associations. Exchange of experiences and practices. Cooperative development of club activities. How to inspire people to volunteer work?

Hobbies and sports. For example pets, orientation, skiing, downhill skiing, etc. Finding friendship societies, exchanging experiences, organizing common events, coaching cooperation etc.


Student exchange days, study trips, joint training and workshops. (Leader-Erasmus?) (Eg. Olustvere Rural Economy and Service School - Saiedu)


The above ideas are examples. If you have interesting ideas for cooperation, we will be happy to hear them and look for partners in our region.

We have been working internationally since our inception. We have had partners, from the Baltic countries, Poland, Italy, Germany and Ireland ect.

Leader Suupohja

Leader Suupohja is one of the four Leader groups in Western Finland and Southern Ostrobothnia. The association was founded in 1996. The area of activity includes three municipalities - Isojoki, Karijoki and Teuva - and two small towns Kurikka and Kauhajoki. The total number of inhabitants in the region is about 36,000. Leader Suupohja has 60 active villages and hundreds of associations in its area of activity. The nature of Suupohja is unique. There are two national parks: Lauhanvuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas.

Welcome to cooperate with us!